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A Variety of Therapy Options

Supportive counselling is the key to the success of any approach I take when helping seniors and their families deal with emotional issues. At Kim Rickard Consulting, I channel years of healthcare experience to provide client-centered approach.

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Helpful and easy to talk to, I value confidentiality and ethical practices. I use various therapeutic approaches and make it a point to use one that is ideal for your loved one:
  • Motivational
  • Narrative
  • Reality
  • Solution-Focused

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Any of the above-listed approaches apply to addressing addictions, grief, and loss.

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In-Home Assessments and Interventions

Under stressful situations, people find a hard time coming up with a solution that can effectively address emotional issues. This can be doubly challenging for older adults, especially those coping with mobility problems.

To make it easier for seniors to get access to support, I am willing to travel to their homes. Likewise, I offer free consultations over the phone.

Caregiver Support

Family members taking it upon themselves to attend to the needs of elderly loved ones often become too stressed out in the process and unable to cope. To prevent this from happening, I offer practical advice, suggestions, and counselling. My service decreases the risks involved and ensures the safety of seniors.

Grief and Loss Counselling

As the years march on, seniors experience more instances of loss as friends and family members pass on. Their situation is further compounded by health issues, financial problems and feelings of loneliness, alienation, and isolation. Someone to be there to help them through all these is pivotal.

Community Referrals

Seniors prefer living in their homes for as long as possible, which is the best possible situation for them as health conditions require daily living assistance. Since this is not always the same for everyone, community facility options are available. I can be of help when preparing documents needed for:

  • Long-Term Care Programs (For Homemakers)
  • Special Care Homes
  • Nursing Home Placements
  • Addiction Counselling, and Community Treatment In Patient  Referrals 

Emotional Support

When people are emotionally overwhelmed, it becomes harder to move forward and find beneficial solutions. This is where I step in to provide you with the knowledge crucial to meeting the unique needs of elderly loved ones. Most important of all is the amount of emotional support you need to give to make the process work.

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